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title: we are oceans
author: officerparker
summary: Felicity knew she shouldn’t have accepted Oliver’s offer to train with her.
rating: t with a tiny bit of smut?
category: romance/angst
Ah, I just wanted to write smut but this turned out to… not to be smut. Almost there though. Just a silly little thing to help pass the hiatus while I try to work out the plot of my multi chapter (such a long time coming). This was originally much more angsty and the ending a lot more dramatic, which Felicity running out on Oliver. But it would require me to write a sequel to fix things and I’m horrible with long term commitments so I decided to make it a happy ending and be done with it.

This is unbeta-ed so any mitakes are mine. Feel free to point out any errors so I can correct them!

Title from The Pierces’ We Are Stars

We are oceans
Being controlled by the pull of one another

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reviews would be lovely <3

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    Olicity shippers, go read this immediately. Then take a cold shower. Lol. Left a review at the site, but I will repeat....
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